How it Works

Simulating onsite is the best route to insight.

Your place. Your people. Your practices.

Our Approach

There’s obvious value in simulating difficult and stressful procedures before they become reality. But simulation in a lab isn’t the same as involving the places, people, and procedures you actually rely upon to care for your patients. 

That’s the path InSytu will help you follow. We’ll review your current protocols and procedures, observe your teams in action with ultra-realistic, advanced simulators, share insights about what we see, and work with your team to develop a plan to improve performance.

Dozens of hospitals are already relying on InSytu to guide them toward greater patient safety, reduced liability, and an even more confident, capable team.

The Benefits of InSytu

  • Onsite simulation uncovers issues with facilities, systems, equipment, supplies, and workflow.
  • Involving the entire team — from physicians to nursing and ancillary staff — reveals strengths and weaknesses in handoffs and lines of authority.
  • A complete program, InSytu reviews your protocols, procedures, and teams in action, then delivers post-simulation data and recommendations for improvement.
  • Recommendations are evidence-based and outcome-driven.