Client Comments

This page contains comments from Insytu clients. 


New Facility Testing and System Integration of OB Unit

"I find myself being unable to adequately express the level of support and expertise that the simulation team brought here to St. Pat’s to prepare  us for our OB opening on Monday August 3.  I just sat through  the debrief  of their time from April and was completely overwhelmed with what I heard/learned.  The expertise, professionalism, depth etc. etc.  was so remarkable to me, but  more importantly critical to our team.  We certainly would not have been able to be prepared to provide safe care so confidently without all of their time and assistance. My thanks and gratitude."


Joyce Dombrouski, MHA, RN, CENP

Chief Acute Services Officer, St. Patrick Hospital

CNO, Western Montana Region

Providence Health and Services



Pediatric Anaphylaxis and Code Blue

I am a board certified emergency physician and had the opportunity to participate in an anaphylaxis simulation done by the InSytu Simulation team  six months ago.  This was an excellent experience and really quite invaluable for both me and my ED staff. We not only had a great time, we learned a great deal that will hopefully help patients in the future.  We learned where our pediatric equipment is really kept, how a team should run in a pediatric code, and critical drug dosing in this patient.  How many years have I heard the dosing 1:1000 and 1:10,000? But only after running this code and seeing the mistakes made did I realize that to a nurse the dosing in milliliters delivered is dramatically different (the nurse erroneously gave the same ml of a 1:10000 prep resulting in 1/10 the dose during a code). I could have read about this a hundred times and not had the significance sink in but 6 months later I can still tell you how it’s done. We also got to practice airway skills and run through our peds airway supplies which was critical.  Afterwards there is a great debrief where everyone gets to learn from each other.  Truly a great experience run by a very professional team.  I look forward to more in the future.


Hemant Nayak MD MPH

ED Medical Director

Swedish Redmond