Where safe practices
and smart operations intersect.

InSytu improves outcomes and reduces risks.

The Advantages of InSytu

Reducing medical errors and providing the highest quality of care is the number one aim of InSytu. Simply put, we’re here to help you provide the best medical care possible. And it works. Case studies from hospitals that have put InSytu’s programs to work show that outcomes improve significantly.

But there’s another side to InSytu simulations, and that’s their impact on the bottom line. By helping your clinical teams recognize and correct problems early on, simulations can be a powerful tool in reducing your hospital’s exposure to risk and avoiding unnecessary costs.

InSytu Makes Excellent Medical Sense

  • Demonstrably improved outcomes:
    - More realistic than other types of simulation
    - Involves the entire care team
    - Improves the team’s “muscle memory”
  • Better patient experience

InSytu Makes Excellent Business Sense

  • Lower risk exposure
  • Reduced cost of care
  • Greater opportunity for cost-reduction bonus-sharing

InSytu Simulation Increases Caregiver Confidence