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InSytu for Healthcare


We do simulation differently.

We call this Macro Simulation. here’s why it’s different:

We use simulation to make care better

We work with realistic multidisciplinary teams, in their real workplace, and leverage their expertise to drive real change.

In simulation, we build muscle memory for treating a given condition, but we also inculcate critical thinking about how to best deliver that care. We ask caregivers: What do you need to do your work? How could we do this easier or better?

We leverage your bedside experts

Your team knows their work and their workplace better than anyone. Through partnership with InSytu, you can use their strengths to meet your institutional goals- lower cost and risk, hard wire quality processes, and drive staff confidence and engagement. We facilitate the bedside experts to improve their care, often in real time, in ways that make their work easier, safer, more efficient and more cost effective. This leads to better patient experience, better outcomes and higher quality.

We are multidisciplinary

Different roles and departments collaborating in their learning means care improvements that work for everyone who takes care of the patient. Simulation is not just for nurses and is not just for education. Medicine is a team sport so we should practice together!

Multidisciplinary extends to our team- each session is facilitated by a team comprised of an experienced physician, an expert nurse and a technology specialist.

We are process and goal focused

This isn’t in a lab, this isn’t one size fits all. This isn’t a drill. This is a program we design with you to get you the results you identify. Participation in an InSytu simulation program kick starts process improvement, demonstrating measurable change in meeting your individual goals.

We’ve done thousands of simulation sessions in dozens of facilities, and we will make sure yours are tailored to get the best for your team and most importantly, for your patients.

We instill and inspire high reliability

Practicing together grows your institution’s strength in leadership, communication and teamwork and those non-technical skills whose absence can derail even the most technically proficient team. You may be simulating sepsis, but your team will be learning to function at the highest level and will be prepared to handle critical patients regardless of condition, strengthening a culture where staff feel valued and heard, driving retention and engagement. High reliability begins at the bedside with your team partnering with ours to make care better.


High reliability begins at the bedside

Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong

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