Q. Where is your simulation lab?

A. We gave up our lab years ago. We have greater ability to find latent safety hazards, design effective care processes and engage with and strengthen clinical teams when practicing with them in their patient care space. We are based in Seattle but we come to you and bring everything with us!


Q. Is this going to feel like a test?

A. It’s definitely not a test like some certifications you may have achieved, but in simulation, your team will test their environment, their policies and their teamwork as they practice together to get to the bottom of what’s keeping them from doing their best work. InSytu programs are not about individual skill or knowledge, but how the team performs together. InSytu facilitators will create a safe environment for learning- and it will actually be fun!


Q. How long does it take?

A. We start the planning process about 90 days ahead of the onsite simulation days to allow participants to be free of clinical responsibility during the simulation session. Clinical leaders from the client institution will engage with us on a couple of brief calls to develop goals and plan the program. Each caregiver spends 2 hours with us, comprised of a brief didactic reviewing goals and background, an engaging simulation, and an expertly facilitated debrief where teams feel safe to ask questions of each other, solve longstanding workarounds and devise real time solutions to gaps identified in simulation. We typically complete up to three 2-hour sessions in a day onsite and conduct as many sessions as needed to ensure all members of the team participate.


Q. who should participate in a simulation program?

A. Everyone who cares for a patient during a clinical event. Physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, technicians and aids and support departments such a lab, radiology or blood bank depending on the simulation. Having everyone practice together daylights how teams can work together at the highest level.


Q. what do i need to bring to the simulation?

A. Come in your normal work attire and bring any tools you use everyday such as a stethoscope. Otherwise just bring your enthusiasm for your work and your expertise.


Q. Can i get CME for this?

A. Yes! We are fully accredited for CME.