Simulation onsite is

the best route to insight

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InSytu Macro Simulation program

it’s not just a simulation, it’s a program —we are with you from start to finish

  • We start with your goals

    • We’ll work with you to plan a program designed to engage your team in meeting them

  • Each caregiver participates for 2 hours in a realistic clinical team

    • They’ll learn with and from each other and think critically about their work

  • We compile and synthesize the simulation findings

    • you have a roadmap for improvement and a well-practiced, engaged team

  • We stay connected

    • working with you to help your team meet your goals


Macro Simulation Timeline



  • 2-3 months prior to simulations

    • Develop goals/objectives

    • Customize scenario

    • Review current practice and policies

    • Generate online sign ups for each role



  • Background to set the stage for success

  • Why are we simulating and what do we already know


Multidisciplinary Simulations

  • realistic teams

  • Process focused

  • create muscle memory for excellent patient care

  • practice nontechnical skills

  • expose latent safety threats


Facilitated Debrief

  • what went well?

  • what could go better?

  • what does the team need to do their best work?



  • Share learning with key stakeholders (C suite, department leaders)

  • highlight success of your team

  • Provide roadmap for ongoing process improvement in partnership with InSytu

InSytu drives measurable ROI


Simulation applications


Core Clinical Macro simulation programs

We’ve done hundreds of programs, but we’d love to work with you to design simulations to meet your goals.


  • Low frequency, high risk events such as postpartum hemorrhage

  • Standardize process across systems such as sepsis care

  • Design new pathways such as adopting CALS-S to resuscitate post op open heart patients


Systems Integration and New Facilities

Simulation can save time and cost on building and remodeling clinical spaces and can ensure the spaces are safe and highly functional for the first patient cared for.


  • Outpatient surgical centers or ambulatory care centers

  • Remodeling spaces

  • New healthcare construction


Healthcare software optimization and adoption

Effectively connect new software tools and medical devices to real bedside clinical practice.