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InSytu Macro Simulation program

it’s not just a simulation, it’s a program —we are with you from start to finish

  • We start with your goals

    • We’ll work with you to plan a program designed to engage your team in meeting them

  • Each caregiver participates for 2 hours in a realistic clinical team

    • They’ll learn with and from each other and think critically about their work

  • We compile and synthesize the simulation findings

    • you have a roadmap for improvement and a well-practiced, engaged team

  • We stay connected

    • working with you to help your team meet your goals


Macro Simulation Timeline



  • 2-3 months prior to simulations

    • Develop goals/objectives

    • Customize scenario

    • Review current practice and policies

    • Generate online sign ups for each role



  • Background to set the stage for success

  • Why are we simulating and what do we already know


Multidisciplinary Simulations

  • realistic teams

  • Process focused

  • create muscle memory for excellent patient care

  • practice nontechnical skills

  • expose latent safety threats


Facilitated Debrief

  • what went well?

  • what could go better?

  • what does the team need to do their best work?



  • Share learning with key stakeholders (C suite, department leaders)

  • highlight success of your team

  • Provide roadmap for ongoing process improvement in partnership with InSytu